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You can sell broken phones with us too! Gadget Valuer will tell you where to sell broken phones for cash. Find quotes from leading programs here and sell broken cell phones for cash today!


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You can sell electronics of all varieties here at Gadget Valuer! Not only can you find the best place to sell your iPhone, iPods, or iPads, you can easily see how to sell other electronics online for cash too – find Kindle trade in programs, tablet trade in initiatives and sell MacBook laptops for cash today! We’ll show you the best cell phone trade in prices on the market!

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If you’ve decided “I want to sell my phone for cash” you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at today’s top gadget trade-ins below and sell your phone or other electronics for more! When you’re trying to find how to sell your phone online, freeze those prices quick! Professional buyers will often lower their offers when they’ve received enough devices!

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By comparing top gadget trade in offers from stores that buy used cell phones, you can get up to 43% more cash for old electronics! Want to know what top store buys old cell phones? Well, we compare the following cash for phones stores on Gadget Valuer – and our expert team have tried and tested them so we know you have ZERO risk using these buyers.

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Gadget Valuer can help you when you think “where can I sell my phone?” We help you sell your phone online for cash in a totally secure, easy way with no risk of selling to anonymous people. You can also rest assured that we only list trusted, professional buyers on our site – so you know “I can sell my phone for top dollar” here, making the most of the following features.

100% impartial comparison

We offer a totally transparent, impartial comparison of used cell phone buyers because we pride ourselves on getting you the most when you’re cell phone recycling for cash. We promise to help you find the best cell phone trade in values on the market in the simplest, most effective way.

Earn 43% more by comparing

Don’t lose out on money by going directly to a recycler – by comparing prices from leading used cell phone buyers through Gadget Valuer you could earn up to 43% more, and you can get practically instant cash for phones. Find the best place to sell your phone right now!

Fast & secure payments

All professional used and broken cell phone buyers on this site promise to issue payments within 5-7 business days of receiving your device – so you get almost instant cash for phones! Top tip: Pick PayPal at the checkout for super-fast payments, as cheques and gift cards take a little more time in the post!

Lock prices for up to 30 days

Like the top electronics trade in prices you see now but don’t want to send your phone off yet? You can lock electronic and phone trade in values for up to 30 days! Simply enter your phone trade in details today, and ship it off within the next 30 days to confirm your cell phone trade in for cash.

ZERO risk trade-ins

Gadget Valuer 100% trusts that the recycling programs we list are the best cell phone trade in initiatives out there, because we’ve tried and tested them ourselves. You WILL get cash for your electronics, you just need to how to sell your phone online for more – that’s where we can help.

Secure data removal

The professional used cell phone buyers listed on Gadget Valuer perform data removal on your device before they refurbish and sell your phone on for its second life! “How can I sell my phone online safely?” You can rest assured that recyclers have a thorough data removal service in place.

Your popular questions answered

How do I get paid when I find out what my phone is worth?

“What is my phone worth?” Using our service we bet it didn’t take long to find the best place to sell your phone. You’ll get almost instant cash for phones as soon as the recycler checks it’s in the condition you claimed it is – all programs on Gadget Valuer guarantee payments within 5-7 business days. Now you can find the answers to questions like ‘what are cell phones used for too’ – just keep reading!

How much is my phone worth if I trade-in now?

We can quickly find out the answer to your “how much is my phone worth” question – simply find your device by typing the make and model into the search box at the top of the page, and click on it to instantly compare phone trade in values from top used cell phone buyers on the market. You can freeze your price for up to 30 days – so don’t miss out on great values, sell your phone online for cash today!

Can I sell broken cell phones or electronics for cash?

Yes, of course you can! In fact it’s easier than ever before to sell broken cell phones for cash with Gadget Valuer! When looking for where to sell broken phones, simply find your device on the site and make sure you select ‘broken’ instead of ‘new’ or ‘good condition’. You’ll often be offered less when asking “where can I sell my broken phone” so it might be worth getting it fixed if you’ll get more money in the long run. Check out our ‘sell broken phones’ page for more information.

How long does it take to get paid cash for phones and electronics?

All used cell phone buyers listed on Gadget Valuer promise to pay you within 5-7 business days of receiving your device when you sell your phone online for cash! By choosing PayPal as your payment option, you’ll get more of an instant cash for phones experience, so if you need quick cash and think ‘I need to sell my phone for top dollar’ then this is the option for you!

How much will shipping cost or is it pre-paid?

Are you thinking “I want to sell my cell phone” but won’t it cost loads to ship? In reality, it will cost you little to nothing at all! When you sell your phone online with one of the used cell phone buyers listed on Gadget Valuer, that buyer will send you a pre-paid shipping pack or label for FREE shipping. Make the most of this and you can sell your phone for cash without losing out!

Does your service take any device?

Using Gadget Valuer you can sell your phone for cash online, and you can sell electronics of all other shapes and sizes too! You can sell MacBook laptops, find tablet trade in options, sell iPod models, sell your iPhone handsets and so much more! The options really are endless with Gadget Valuer – check out our ‘sell electronics’ page for more information on exactly what we do accept.

Why compare stores like Gazelle vs uSell vs NextWorth?

You should always compare the best cell phone trade in options as, by overlooking prices across the whole market, you can make sure you get the very top cell phone trade in value out there. Gadget Valuer is 100% committed to getting you top dollar when you decide “I want to sell my phone for cash” and using our process you can be sure that it’s a completely stress-free, simple and transparent journey.

Can I donate old cell phones to soldiers or charity?

Of course you can! If you can’t get the best cell phone trade in value because your phone is old, or you’re just feeling charitable – we can help you find the right cell phone donations for charity option! Take a look at our ‘Donate’ page for more information on how to donate cell phones to soldiers, or where to donate old cell phones for charity work of another kind!

Do these cash for phones stores securely wipe my data?

When you sell your phone online for cash through Gadget Valuer, you can rest assured that all used cell phone buyers listed on the site promise to wipe data from your gadgets as soon as they receive them. In fact, it’s actually part of their phone trade in policy in the first place! We only work with trusted recycling programs so that you get the best cell phone trade in experience.

How do I unlock my phone to get more cell phone trade in value

So you’ve found the best place to sell your phone, but you know that if you unlock your device you’ll get offered more money for it – just how do you unlock that phone? It’s simple, when you sell your phone, with all phones and tablets you can go to the ‘Settings’ menu to wipe all passwords, you can disable ‘Find my iPhone’ within the iOS ‘Settings’ menu too. Continue to unlock your device by contacting your network carrier who will deactivate your account on that device. Make the most of your cell phone recycling for money experience!